I’m Melanie Kis

Certified NLP coach

“Melanie Kis is a seasoned certified NLP coach with over a decade of experience in health and wellness. Blending science, spirituality, and personal experience, she offers comprehensive guidance for mind, body, and soul.

Specializing in empowering women, Melanie helps them achieve diverse goals, from building self-confidence to overcoming burnout, finding validation, managing stress, addressing weight issues, and embracing self-love. Her mission is to lead clients to a state of harmony, tranquility, and profound peace.

With a solution-oriented approach rooted in NLP principles, Melanie focuses on practical strategies to catalyze positive change in clients’ lives. Rather than dwelling on the ‘why,’ she emphasizes actionable steps toward a more fulfilling future. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge in science, spirituality, and personal growth, Melanie’s coaching is a holistic journey toward holistic well-being.”

"You cannot change what you aren't aware of. Awareness brings you back to yourself with calm and clarity"

(Neuro-linguistic Programming)

“NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a powerful psychological approach that integrates strategies to help individuals achieve personal goals. It works with the interconnected aspects of body, language, thoughts, and behaviors, drawing from experiences to drive positive outcomes.

As a practitioner of the new generation of NLP, I believe in uniting body, heart, science, and spirituality to facilitate profound transformation. My purpose is to guide individuals in making positive changes, fostering happiness and inner peace even amidst challenges, while honoring each person’s unique journey and differences.

I am committed to accompanying you on your path to your best self, listening to the desires of your soul and helping you uncover your true identity.”

Offer yourself the gift for living your best life with purpose.


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Art Wellness

Art wellness coaching is an approach of Neuro-Linguistic accompaniment and art.  Using a creative process and dialogue, aiming to reach personal growth and goals with self expression through art. 

Soul Alignment

"Discovering your true self is the key to igniting motivation towards your goals. It's about recognizing your happiness, calmness, and inner peace as guiding lights. With respect and harmony between your authentic self and the world around you, true fulfillment blossoms."

Mind-Body Connection

"Building a strong, healthy body at any age is entirely achievable. When we fully embrace who we are and let our soul guide the alignment of our body and mind, it unlocks a magical formula for freedom and peace."

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