Soul Alignment

As unique beings, our life experiences shape us, yet we often seek to uncover our true nature amidst fears and doubts that hinder our progress.

My commitment is to evolve alongside you on this journey, fostering an environment of respect and love within a sacred, safe space where you have my undivided attention.

Together, we will:

– Discover your true nature
– Reconnect with your identity
– Understand its significance in your life and chart a path forward
– Explore and overcome limiting beliefs
– Heal from past wounds
– Align your ego and soul, experiencing a sense of wholeness

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, embracing your uniqueness and unlocking your fullest potential.

** Always follow your physician recommendations regarding any physical or mental health issues

All sessions are offered in French and English.

Sessions have a 2-3week interval between each support meeting

All sessions are currently through zoom.  A quiet space to talk openly is required.  

Insurance receipt available with RITMA.

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