About Me

I’m Melanie, a certified coach with an Neuro-Linguistic and Bonhame approach and living a very passionate life to aspire others to find their happiness, inner peace and meaning in life.

It is a pleasure for me to learn, connect with people, and guide them to live a meaningful, soul-nourishing life.

Among my clients are women who seek clarity, inner peace, happiness, harmony and a feeling of existing in this world with energy and love.

My discovery to mind, body and soul started simply with my own body over 10 years ago when suffering for many years of an auto-immune disease, chronic inflammation. Entering the fitness industry allowed me to become pain-free, a true blessing. However, as time went by I felt this sense of emptiness inside me. I burnt out, I was searching for a better way to live, to communicate, to feel free and at peace.

That’s when I found the school that taught me NLP. It was the best gift I could have offered myself. It guided me towards what my true soul desires and offered me the skills to guide others.

The path of our lives is in continuous motion but when we learn to stop and listen to what is of utmost importance to us with different experiences, remove filters that cloud our path, and discover our identity and purpose in life, we open up our subconscious mind to our conscious world. Happiness and inner peace settle in, clarity reigns and opportunities that have been difficult in the past become easier. We learn to let go, embrace and be in harmony.

Today, I authentically live. Evolving and discovering my true self, my true nature.

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, art and being creative, weight training, a balanced diet, travel are lived in the present moment with love and an open heart. Offering space to what my mind, body and soul desire.

My Mission

Wellness for life

My Vision

Offer the art of listening to your unique soul desires. Guiding you to overcome life’s obstacles, evolve into your true self with purpose and happiness and connect yourself to better life choices by aligning your true nature.

I bring science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul.

My Values

SOI Coaching

SOI, french for SELF.

To simply be you. Be yourSELF. To find serenity and harmony with the SELF. To live the life you have always imagined without feeling you have to follow someones else’s path to achieve your goal but to find the path that works for you.

I look forward to bringing light to who you are as I guide you towards your own solutions. As you start to understand the impact which you already have with your words, emotions, you allow yourself to be free and reach your goals.

“You are more than the “labels” you have put on yourself”

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