Fit Biz

Go beyond fitness!

Stand out as a fitness professional, yoga teacher, gym owner by offering your best self that reflects the best self of your clients.

Learn to listen carefully to your clients’ needs, your teams’ needs, while respecting your values and those of your clients.  Go beyond fitness protocols by focusing on what has to be done to achieve results but start to focus on the overall package of a human’s needs.   Offer them a purpose to their goals.  Offer them to focus on their mind, body and soul.

When your client can learn to be in harmony with their true self, connect with you in a more fulfilling relationship, you can offer a much higher service.

Using solution techniques, learning to listen for optimal communication, queues, taking advantage of NLP for you, your team and your company will enhance your overall productivity and success.

Professional Fitness Coaches Package

Reserved for professionals in the fitness and well-being industry who would benefit from new tools and knowledge and offer more to their customers.

$279 (max 6 participants)

** Always follow your physician recommendations regarding any physical or mental health issues.
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