Change your mind

Unleash your fears
When was the last time you changed your mind about something?
We’re afraid to change our minds because we are afraid of the consequences of changing our minds. What will people think?
We live in a society where we are supposed to have our ideas and stick to them and defend them in our lives. If we change our minds too much, heaven forbid, we are too wishy-washy.
Social media has turned us to be a brand and the worse thing is to be off-brand.
But to be ON brand 100% certain of who you are and what you do is completely over-rated. It’s also a TOTAL roadblock to self-discovery and allowing yourself to change.
And so, change your mind to discover who you are. What you like and dislike.
Keep a notebook and write out all your ideas, record them, or take pictures. Go back and see the patterns of your passions that you automatically are drawn to.
Find a safe place and good people to make mistakes, have bad ideas, and unleash your fear of judgment.
Open yourself to new possibilities.
You are living your life for yourself. Not others!
Keep Going by Austin Kleon

During an accompaniment with a client, I bring a safe environment to offer an expansion of the mind.  Respecting the client’s evolution I ask questions to contribute to their solutions towards a goal they may have difficulty reaching.    Often, clients, humans, tell themselves stories from past experiences, and emotions that may have caused pain and this keeps them from moving forward with reaching their goals.  Often, once the problem has been addressed, the subconscious mind offers clues and solutions to the conscious mind.

The client often feels signs of release.  Which results in time to bring peace, harmony and happiness in their lives.


Lorsque je travaille avec un client, je crée un environnement sûr et favorable dans lequel il peut explorer ses pensées et ses sentiments. Respecter l’évolution du client et viser à l’aider à contribuer à ses solutions tout en respectant ses objectifs. Les clients racontent souvent des expériences et des émotions passées dans le but d’éviter d’aller de l’avant avec leurs objectifs. Souvent, lorsqu’un problème est résolu, l’esprit subconscient offre des indices et des solutions à l’esprit conscient. Le client éprouve souvent des sentiments de libération, ce qui lui permet de se ressentir la paix, l’harmonie et le bonheur dans sa vie

Melanie Kis is a professional certified NLP coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  She brings science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul. 

She guides women to find solutions to goals they want to achieve.  This can range from building self-confidence, overcoming burnout and stress, weight issues or achieving love for who they are.   To live in harmony, calm, happiness and feeling at peace is a possibility for all.


❤❤ It’s not just about the body.  My mission is to bring light, and expansion to align mind, body and soul to all women who seek evolution in their wellness for life, to bring wholeness.



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