Mind-Body Connection

How to overcome physical pain, chronic pain, burnout and stress using NLP. To live to your full potential pain-free and find your “joie de vivre”

Chronic pain, which is longer than 3 months can have a negative impact on your brain and body.  When our brains are in chronic pain, the neural pathways in our brains and central nervous system change.

Burnout is a condition experienced by workers and other professionals, in which they develop depression-like symptoms as a result of aspects of their role. Burnout may manifest as showing signs of physical, mental and/or emotional exhaustion as a result of stress-related to their job or workplace. 

A focus forward approach to discovering your mind in relation to your physical pain, stress and burnout and having the tools to help you alleviate pain from your body, reduce stress is one of the few steps to consider for a happier, freer life.

Every woman who wishes to accomplish change can overcome obstacles in their lives, such as their health. To offer the possibility of joy to their well-being one step at a time with love, security and lightness.

“I didn’t lose/gain weight. I gained discovering my joy with my own healthy habits”

** Always follow your physician recommendations regarding any physical or mental health issues

All sessions are offered in French and English.

Sessions have a 2-week interval between each support meeting

All sessions are currently through zoom.  A quiet space to talk openly is required.  

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