No two humans are alike.  

We self-judge and we judge others.  It’s a human behaviour that has always existed and probably always will.  If you speed any amount of time on social media and expand your mind to what is being said, written, or viewed, the display of interaction between people will bring your awareness to the judgement people place on themselves or others.  And people sometimes can be quite cruel. 

So how can YOU stop judgement on yourself and others? 

First, acknowledge the fact that you do judge.  It may even be the tiniest of small judgments that you do that you may not even realize you do.  But when you do recognize it you can make the change. 

Second, practise self-compassion.  By creating compassion in your life you start to understand people and yourself better.  

Your judgement starts to minimize and you start to feel a whole lot better.  It’s a big burden to always judge.  Give yourself the gift to stop.  

Third, be kind to yourself.  We are human.  Not judging someone or yourself won’t happen overnight and it might not go away completely.  New life experiences will come up and judgement may pop up unexpectedly.  It’s normal. 

What’s important is that you become aware of it.  Awareness is key to change. 

Be that person in the crowd who doesn’t jump on the popularity bandwagon of judgement.

You are better than that! 

Fourth,  not judging someone doesn’t mean you have to agree with the person or change who you are.   It simply means you have a better understanding of the situations, and who they are.  

Simply listen with kindness. 

Keep an open mind.  Sometimes when you judge it may be a reflection on yourself.   Something you need to work on personally.  Take the time to self-reflect on that situation.

Expand your mind to new possibilities.  Create that open-mindedness.   It’s amazing what new things you may learn when you become aware. 

Create expansion, create possibilities, create inner peace and outer peace in the world. 

The world needs more of you, your kindness, your joy, and your compassion.  Lead with love in the wave of life.


Melanie Kis is a professional certified NLP coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  She brings science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul. 

She guides women to find solutions to goals they want to achieve.  This can range from building self-confidence, overcoming burnout and stress, weight issues or achieving love for who they are.   To live in harmony, calm, happiness and feeling at peace is a possibility for all. 


Member of Ritma, SICPNL

❤❤ It’s not just about the body.  My mission is to bring light, and expansion to align mind, body and soul to all women who seek evolution in their wellness for life, to bring wholeness.


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