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Neuro-linguistic Programming

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)  is a psychological approach that involves various strategies and applying them to reach personal goals.  It works with the body and speech-language, thoughts behaviours through experiences to reach one’s outcomes.  

Created by Richard Bandler and John Grindr in the 1970s found a connection between neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through experiences.

Here at SOI – Coaching, I use NLP with a “bonhame” approach – a unique and innovative approach.  The new NLP generation is driven by this approach uniting body, heart, science and spirituality.  My purpose is to guide people to make positive changes in their lives.  To find their happiness and inner peace even through difficult times by respecting each other’s differences.   Guiding you to your best, in your life by listening to your soul’s desires, your true identity. 

As your certified NLP coach I ask the right questions to guide you in your own unique direction with love, respect and curiosity.  You will be guided to evolve in ways that you didn’t think were possible and you will be able to do it because you already have it within. 

My vision for you is to provide you with your life’s purpose, happiness and inner peace. In order to transform the things you doubt into things you no longer fear and turn problems into opportunities, it is important to focus on the right tools to help boost your confidence in the decisions you make, as well as the changes you desire in your life.  

Offer yourself the gift for living your best life with purpose.

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