3 Questions to ask yourself

3 ultimate questions

There’s a change in energy happening. 

Summer is coming to an end, kids are returning to school, and some people’s workplace is winding down as others may be getting busier.  Whether or not something is happening in your life right now there is definitely a shift in energy.  The earth’s movement with the sun and moon in the beautiful galaxy impacts changes happening in our environment and self. 

We can take this moment to renew ourselves, finish projects, create new habits, or buckle down on goals that keep being set aside.

What happens if we can’t seem to move forward, and go with the flow of this new energy?  What if we still feel stuck, helpless, doubtful, and fear change?

There are three very impactful questions you can ask yourself.  Three questions can be used with any recurring problem you may have.  

It’s important when asking yourself these questions to be very specific to the problem you may have.  Your brain needs to focus and understand one goal at a time to be able to understand the problem and its solutions. 

  • The first question you want to ask yourself is “What am I gaining from staying in this situation, this problem?’

You would be surprised how many people will realize that they are not gaining anything positive, they are simply adding negativity to the problem or not gaining anything at all.

  • The second question to ask yourself is “Is there a positive intention behind this problem, or situation?”

Quite often the intention behind a problem is not positive.  It’s fear, doubt or feelings of past experiences that keep us from moving forward.   Addressing this question can shed light on where the fear or doubt comes from and for our brains to come to the conclusion that there may be steps and time to take for that fear or doubt to dissolve itself to finally be able to move forward with our goals. 

  • The third question to ask yourself is “What is it that I truly want? Achieve?”

You want to be able to ask yourself this question with an open mind.  You want to be able to dream big, to really listen to what your heart is desiring. 

As an example, let’s say your problem was to create better exercise habits.  You take the time to sit down for a moment and ask yourself what it is you want. 

Imagining a magic wand that will grant you exactly what it is your soul is seeking and listening closely to your heart and letting go of all fears and doubts you may come to the conclusion that what you seek is LOVE.  To love who you are, to be loved, to feel loved.  Because you come to the realization that no amount of exercise or habits you create will grant you that love.  

Now, this is an example, each individual is different, and each person has a past with different experiences creating different feelings, fears, and doubts.  Some are deeply rooted others are easier to attain and make the necessary changes that will make sense to you. 

There is no cookie cutter answer to a problem, situation or goal.  There is no perfect formula.  

Please be kind to yourself when taking the time to ask yourself these questions. 

Keep in mind that it takes time, patience, openness, gratitude and love.

You may have to repeat the same questions to the same problem at different stages in your life.  Because even if you feel you may have solved your problem, or reached your goal you are surrounded by people and different situations that may bring up doubt and fears.  We are human. 

Here is a quick video of the 3 questions to ask yourself if you are more of an auditory person and need to hear the questions to have a better understanding over someone who is more visual. 

During an accompaniment with a client, I bring a safe environment to offer an expansion of the mind.  Respecting the client’s evolution I ask questions to contribute to their solutions towards a goal they may have difficulty reaching.    Often, clients, humans, tell themselves stories from past experiences, and emotions that may have caused pain and this keeps them from moving forward with reaching their goals.  Often, once the problem has been addressed, the subconscious mind offers clues and solutions to the conscious mind.  

The client often feels signs of release.  Which results in time to bring peace, harmony and happiness in their lives.

Lorsque je travaille avec un client, je crée un environnement sûr et favorable dans lequel il peut explorer ses pensées et ses sentiments. Respecter l’évolution du client et viser à l’aider à contribuer à ses solutions tout en respectant ses objectifs. Les clients racontent souvent des expériences et des émotions passées dans le but d’éviter d’aller de l’avant avec leurs objectifs. Souvent, lorsqu’un problème est résolu, l’esprit subconscient offre des indices et des solutions à l’esprit conscient. Le client éprouve souvent des sentiments de libération, ce qui lui permet de se ressentir la paix, l’harmonie et le bonheur dans sa vie

Melanie Kis is a professional certified NLP coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  She brings science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul. 

She guides women to find solutions to goals they want to achieve.  This can range from building self-confidence, overcoming burnout and stress, weight issues or achieving love for who they are.   To live in harmony, calm, happiness and feeling at peace is a possibility for all. 



❤❤ It’s not just about the body.  My mission is to bring light, and expansion to align mind, body and soul to all women who seek evolution in their wellness for life, to bring wholeness.


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