What screams spring to you?

Happiness, spring, joy,

Hello spring, hello freshness, hello new…(Fill in the blank)  How does spring make you feel? 

Happiness is no joke and spring can definitely bring a spark of joy and happiness.  

For a very long time, I have been very intrigued with happiness.  I’ve been told that I am very zen, positive and happy.  And I surely see myself that way too.  However, I can be very moody, quiet, snappy, sad and downright angry at times.  

Happiness is a value that is important to me and I believe for many as well.  

To seek out happiness, how to live with joy, don’t worry be happy.  

Happiness is a positive feeling and understandably so that humans want to feel happy all the time.  How can you tell when someone is happy?  

  • Feel gratitude
  • Express gratitude
  • Live in the moment
  • Are kind
  • Use positive rather than negative language
  • Smile a lot
  • Have a good-natured sense of humour
  • Can be spontaneous
  • Have self-confidence 
  • Are adaptable
  • Are optimistic 
  • Are energetic and enthusiastic about life
  • Value cooperation over competition
  • Show enthusiasm for other people’s success
  • Are curious about life
  • Do not feel “entitled”
  • Accept life’s uncertainties
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Have a strong support system
  • Spend time with other happy people
  • Are willing to ask for help
  • Are good listeners
  • Have a sense of purpose

WOW! What a list.

How great to see this happiness movement in full force.  All of these wonderful happy people walking about.  

But what happens when you are not happy?  We are human after all.   Is it possible for happiness to shower upon us all the time?

Of course, many people share their best self, how happy they are on social media but that is an entire other subject.  Today I want to shed light on how being happy and sad are equally important in life. 

One of my teachers has a coaching business and the main focus is on living happy. Her workshop caught my attention and I was “happy” to see her say that happiness is not her sole topic.  I then read a book called “The upside of your dark side” by Todd B. Kashdan and he too spoke about not only living to seek happiness but how to embrace positive and negative emotions. 

Now, not to reiterate the entire content of his book or the workshop that I watched but to sprinkle a darn interesting subject to expand your awareness of positive and negative emotions.

The happiness movement is strong and in full swing that people have forgotten to embrace the negative emotions they feel.  “It hurts and so I want to push it aside and not have to deal with it attitude”  Not a good thing.

Anxiety, depressions are at an all-time high.  

People have goals, aspirations, adventures, experiences, dreams and when none of them come true, fail or don’t go as planned people feel unhappy, sad, angry, depressed, anxious, nervous and have no way to express how they feel or understand how they feel because they have been told that when they reach their dreams, goals and adventures that’s when they will reach true happiness.  

OH BOY, OH BOY!  No wonder I fell into that trap and hit a burnout.

It is imperative to seek the dark side of who we are to be able to FEEL. To HEAL, to then be happy.  Even when things don’t turn out the way it was planned.

There is a wide range of happiness depending on how you feel.  You can feel completely total crazy joy to simply being content.  One experience might bring you happiness and to others, it might not mean very much.  

Of course, seeking happiness is definitely something I support, promote and spread but today I also share how to embrace negative emotions because it can be a guide to someone who wants to deal with situations in a much calmer way.   It’s important to understand who we are, how we feel and why we feel a certain way. 

If you’ve been following me for a while now you may have noticed that I speak a lot about finding your alignment with mind, body and soul.  However, I would like to add that it is equally important to cultivate both positive and negative emotions and learn how to deal with situations to create this balance in life.

I like to call it wholeness, in alignment with our true nature. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Learning to create wholeness in life takes time and is also a continuous work in progress. What’s important is becoming aware of it and making conscious decisions on how to deal with certain situations or experiences.  As always, be kind to yourself.  Allow yourself to feel emotions, continue to be that positive person who spreads joy and love yourself even when negative emotions arise. 


Next time you are faced with a negative emotion or feeling down from a “failed” goal talk to someone who can guide you so you can find your “WHOLENESS” as a person.

I invite you to not wait for spring to find your happiness but to embrace spring with its blooming flowers, warmer days and muddy fields, rainy days.  Even mother earth shows her wholeness with us. 

Now it’s time for you to embrace your wholeness.


Ref:  Di-Anne Robin  https://www.osezlharmonie.com/

“The upside of your dark side” By Todd B. Kashdan

“26 Characteristics of Truly Happy People”  by Rachel Fintzy Woods, MA, LMFT


Melanie Kis is a professional certified NLP coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  She brings science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul. 

She guides women to find solutions to goals they want to achieve.  This can range from building self-confidence, overcoming burnout and stress, weight issues or achieving love for who they are.   To live in harmony, calm, happiness and feeling at peace is a possibility for all.

She also works with fitness professionals and offers tools for them to use with their own personal clients so they can achieve client retention and a better understanding of the person as a whole, not just the body.  

It’s not just about the body.  My mission is to bring light, expansion to align mind, body and soul to all women who seek evolution in their wellness for life, to bring wholeness.


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