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I don’t know about you but spring this year has been weird for me weather-wise, yet,  I felt lucky when the stars aligned for me to miss an April ice storm and then a Floridian flooding. 

That being said I felt and still feel this huge source of energy pulling me in one direction when I should be heading towards another.  And so, I have been “fighting” this energy by trying to find balance and reconnecting to my soul.  

How to do that?

Well, of course, this depends on what is important to you and what makes you vibrate into calm and happiness.   For me, it’s all about creativity, quiet moments, walks and exploring. 

I’ve been highly active by going to my local library to pick up some books.  All kinds of books. I think at one point I had 16 books out on loan and I told myself “Hold on there, when you are everywhere you are nowhere”  

Do you feel that you may be everywhere but really nothing is getting done and you are not moving forwards what so ever in any project?

And so, I brought some books back and stuck to the ones that spoke to me the most and right now it’s all about art.  Painting, sketching, art history and art healing.  

Exploring my local library made me discover a local artist which I had no idea existed.  I was so pleased to discover her because she offers sketching and watercolor classes. Though her classes are online she happens to live 10 minutes away from me.  And so to see her paintings of her local area I totally know what she seeing and sketching out.  I think that is pretty cool!

In my quest for continuous wellness, I discovered Intuitive art from this American artist who I felt a huge connection with.  As I was reading her book I kept telling myself, “This is my people”  I dug deeper on the net and happen to show up on time for one of her classes that only opens up twice a year. 

And so even though I still feel this pull in energy and maybe that is simply the transition into this weird spring I am slowly getting to that space of calm that I felt not even a month ago.  There are still actions and no actions for me to put into place to feel that mental calm.   Things such as 

  • Going to the spa
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Connecting with friends
  • Going for nature walks
  • Sleeping
  • Disconnecting from Social Media
  • Meditating
  • Reading

I’m sharing a lot of MY tricks in this month’s newsletter however, I find imperative for you to find your magic formula.  In my latest post, I speak of LIVING THE DREAM / and I crossed out THE to MY.  LIVING MY DREAM.  

I would invite you to check out that post.  It’s a short and effective post to notice if you are following the path of what others are doing or if you are truly listening to your truest self and what you want to do to live the life you want to live. 

On that note, how’s spring working out for you?  Are you excited about summer?  What do you do to feel happy?  Do you always need to change environment to feel calm or does calm habitats within you?  Do you realize that life isn’t perfect and adjustments sometimes need to be made?

Follow your heart, follow your dream life and if you still aren’t sure about what to do, send me an email to book your first appointment in your self-discovery by reflecting on some powerful questions that can change your life into what it is your soul desires. 

I would love to learn more about what makes your heart sing.  Send me a message, comment on my posts, send me a DM, and let’s connect. 

I currently have an art Instagram profile that was suggested for me to create to do exactly that, CONNECT.  And though I steer away from social media, this profile I love to go to because it’s all about art and the amazing connections I have made with other artists. The fun and support is amazing.  When you discover what makes your heart sing, I invite you to share that part of you and connect with people who share a common interest.  This is good for your mental health and to feed that positive part of your soul that is in full evolution. 

Happy May!

During an accompaniment with a client, I bring a safe environment to offer an expansion of the mind.  Respecting the client’s evolution I ask questions to contribute to their solutions towards a goal they may have difficulty reaching.    Often, clients, humans, tell themselves stories from past experiences, and emotions that may have caused pain and this keeps them from moving forward with reaching their goals.  Often, once the problem has been addressed, the subconscious mind offers clues and solutions to the conscious mind.

The client often feels signs of release.  Which results in time to bring peace, harmony and happiness in their lives.

Lorsque je travaille avec un client, je crée un environnement sûr et favorable dans lequel il peut explorer ses pensées et ses sentiments. Respecter l’évolution du client et viser à l’aider à contribuer à ses solutions tout en respectant ses objectifs. Les clients racontent souvent des expériences et des émotions passées dans le but d’éviter d’aller de l’avant avec leurs objectifs. Souvent, lorsqu’un problème est résolu, l’esprit subconscient offre des indices et des solutions à l’esprit conscient. Le client éprouve souvent des sentiments de libération, ce qui lui permet de se ressentir la paix, l’harmonie et le bonheur dans sa vie

Melanie Kis is a professional certified NLP coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field.  She brings science, spirituality and experience to mind, body and soul. 

She guides women to find solutions to goals they want to achieve.  This can range from building self-confidence, overcoming burnout and stress, weight issues or achieving love for who they are.   To live in harmony, calm, happiness and feeling at peace is a possibility for all.

Member of RITMA

❤❤ It’s not just about the body.  My mission is to bring light, and expansion to align mind, body and soul to all women who seek evolution in their wellness for life, to bring wholeness.



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