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Optimal Health – Meditation

Understanding our mind-body connection is essential to leading a balanced and healthy life, and also to maintaining a nourishing yet flexible environment, both inside and outside of us. Let yourself be guided with this meditation to create gratitude for your health and how to listen carefully to what your body needs. Embrace this mind-body connection

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3 ultimate questions

3 Questions to ask yourself

There’s a change in energy happening.  Summer is coming to an end, kids are returning to school, and some people’s workplace is winding down as others may be getting busier.  Whether or not something is happening in your life right now there is definitely a shift in energy.  The earth’s movement with the sun and

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Releasing limiting beliefs
Meditation Guides

Releasing Limiting Beliefs – Meditation

Welcome to releasing limiting beliefs meditation. As kids, we are always confident, resilient, imaginative, curious beings, eager to learn, explore and express ourselves. We are in tune with the feelings and energies around us. So in tune in fact, that often as kids, when we are still building our sense of self, we find it

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Francais - Anecdote

La carte du monde

Anecdote La carte du monde.  Il est très important de respecter la carte du monde de la personne avec laquelle vous êtes pour une meilleure communication et connexion.  Que signifie “la carte du monde”?  Ces de ne pas mettre, ou imposer, nos mots, nos expériences, nos sentiments, nos croyances à l’autre personne. Petite anecdote.  

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The power of values

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July to my fellow American friends.  Two countries so close to one another with similar attributes yet oh so different.  Why is it so hard at times for people to care, love, and see each other’s positive aspects?  Part of it, is because we don’t share the same

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